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Edvaldo Alessandro Cardoso Sobrinho
IT Specialist : System Engineer/Security

Home Phone :55 65 3035 3316    



Project Lider,has expertise in a variety of Microsoft Infrastructure technologies (such as Windows Server 2003/2008, Hyper-V, System Center, Sql Server 200/2005/2008, Active Directory, Exchange 2003/2007, Share Point 2007, IIS 5/6/7 and ISA Server 2004/2006), Linux Infrastructure ( Samba, Iptables, nfs, postfix, sendmail )  and VmWare Virtualization.

Specializes in boosting the productivity of IT professionals and end users by creating advanced, customized solutions that integrate clients’ specific design and configuration into productivity-focused training and knowledge management services

As Microsoft MCT, have perfect scores at MTM evaluations ( Knowledge Advisors ) .

Selected by Microsoft Corporation as Microsoft IT Heroes Happen


               Microsoft Certified Trainer,

               Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer :Security,

               Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  ( Windows Vista, SQL 2005 and SharePoint ),

               Conectiva Linux Professional ,

               Módulo Chief Security Officer

Total Experience : 18 years

Hardware          : PC, MAC     

O. S.                : Windows, Dos,  Linux

NetWork O.S.     : Novell NetWare ,  Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista

Languages         : Delphi , VB.Net/C#/ASP.Net , Clipper, Cobol, ASP, PhP

Database                  : MS-Sql Server , MySql , IBM DB2

Security Tools    : Guidance Software – Encase


Significant Projects


Project Name :

Client         : Plandental Assistência Odontologica
Role                    : Project Leader/Security Office/Developer/Database Administrator  
Environment    : Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 and Linux Servers; Visual Stusio 2005 (, C# and    ASP.Net ), Sql Server 2000/2005 , IIS, Active Directory, Isa Server 2006. Smart card Technology

Dates                  : 02/01/2004 – present

Description      : Dental .Net is the project to control, management the dentist network. This project was implemented in December, 2005 and offer to the users of dental plan the possibility to take the treatment where and when they want with your Smart Card.

The project was born in February, 2004 to expand the company around the country.

– The infrastructure was design to support smart card operations and grant security to the client operations.

– Firewall, IPS and IDS such as snort was implemented to grant protection from external and internal intruders

– Security Code was implemented in development of the software to communicate in a security environment and work with a minimal privilege.

– Group Policy was implemented in a Directory Service to Control and Manage Users and Computers

Responsibilities : Network Security, Design, Project and Development of Dental.Net in Vb.Net, C# and ASP.Net / Project and implementation of infrastructure and security to support the new application over the internet, supporting SSL and Smart Card. / Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting network systems

Project Name : Univag
Client         : Univag – Universidade de Várzea Grande

Role               : Security Specialist
Environment    : Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 and Linux Servers. Exchange Servers, IIS, ISa Server, Sql Server; Wireless
End date         : 02/02/2006 – present

Description           : Project, Implementation and Administration of Network

Responsibilities: Design a infrastructure to implement security on to university campus. Supporting firewall, ips , ids, wireless access and anti-virus solutions


Project Name: Multisys Wireless/Development

Client          : Multisys Tecnologia

Duration          : 2 years
Role               : System Administrator / DBA / Project Leader
Environment    : Microsoft Windows 2000 NetWork mixed with Conectiva Linux and Novell Netware ; Wireless Network (802.11b/g.):  Proxim, LinkSys, Samsung; Development   : Borland Delphi and Microsoft Windows Environment

Start date           : 01/01/2002
End date       : 01/31/2004    

Description         The Multisys Wireless was implemented with 5 towers (coverage area: 40 Km).
Offering internet connection and connectivity Head  Office to Branch Office.
The infrastructure was design using Proxim Access Point Ap2000 ( Silver and Gold Cards – 2.4 and 5.8 Public Frequencies), RedHat Linux with Iptables configured using kernel 2.4 with NAT and VPN PTP.

Responsibilities: – Project and implementation of infrastructure of wireless provider to the cities of Cuiabá and Várzea Grande in Mato Grosso – Brazil.
    Managing network security and infrastructure, installing and configuring network services, monitoring network and group of technical installers. 

    Project and implementation of network security in Government and Private Companies to support VPN, VOIP and Firewal

     Network Administration

      Project and Development of applications for Rethreading tires industry in Delphi 7.0

       Instructor of Conectiva Linux Official Course and Security Courses

Project Name           : DNER / MT

Client            : DNER – Departamento Nacional de Estradas e Rodagens – 11º District

Duration         : 6 years
Role              : System / Network Administrator / Application Development
Environment   : Novell Netware, Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 98

Start date            : 06/01/1995
End date        : 12/31/2001    

Description     : Project, Design and Develop applications to control Human Resources, vehicles and parts in a Novell environment mixed with Microsoft Windows. 
                       Network infrastructure in a Novell and Microsoft Environment and Frame Relay to interconnect Branch Offices to the Head Office.
Responsibilities: Development of applications in Clipper/Delphi to control Human Resources, Vehicles, and Parts, acting as Analyst Programmer to design the solution to integrate the sectors of the Company. Implementation of security policies, services and Management of the network infrastructure in a Novell and Microsoft Environment


Project Name: Tribunal Regional Eleitoral de Mato Grosso

Client            : Tribunal Regional Eleitoral de MT

Duration        : 1,5 years
Role              : Application Development
Environment   : HP-UX, C
Start date      : 01/01/1994
End date        : 06/30/1995    

Description    :  Design and Develop applications to support peoples to vote
Responsibilities: Development of solutions


 Technical: Technician in Systems of Information: 1986 – 1988

  Events/Technical Training:

·                     TechEd 2007 – Dez/2007 ( as presenter )

·                     MCT Summit 2007 – Mar/2007

·                     EnCase Enterprise  Phase I  Guidance Software – Feb/2007

·                     Módulo Chief Security Officer Meeting (CSO Meeting) – Ago/2004 , Ago/2005, Ago/2006

·                     Technical Training for Microsoft MCAD at Bras & Figueiredo – Fev/2004-Mar-2004

·                     Technical Training for Microsoft MCSE at Bras & Figueiredo – Jan/2003-Abr/2003

·                     Technical Training for Conectiva Linux at Multisys Tecnologia ( Jun/2002 )

·                     English at Eurocenter Bournemonth England – Fev/1996

·                     HP-UX at HP Brasíl /Brasilia Distrito Federal – Jan/1994

Project related and other Training:

Ø    Leader of TECH-MT group (To provide essential Decision Support Technologies concepts and skills needed to implement Infrastructure and Security Solutions )

Ø    Official Speaker of Microsoft Technet Brasil and  Culminis Connection

Ø    Member of IBM Developer Network

Ø    ITIL ( certification in course )

Ø    Member of Microsoft Certified Trainer Brasil group.

Language Proficiency

Ø                     English: Advanced                                 

Ø                     Spanish: Basic

Other Information

  Award: Official Speaker of Microsoft Technet Brazil and Culminis Connection


               Microsoft Certified Trainer,

               Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer :Security,

               Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  ( Windows Vista , SQL 2005 and SharePoint ),

               Conectiva Linux Professional ,

               Módulo Chief Security Officer,


        International Experience:

Ø     Duration: 30 Days ( Education )

Ø     Location: Eurocentre – Bournemouth – England


Travel Information

  Availability for Travel :   Yes       Availability to Move to: Yes