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Virtualizacao : Como resolver o Event ID 209?

If the Directory Service event log reports Event ID 2095, complete the following procedure immediately.

To resolve Event ID 2095

  1. Shut down the domain controller virtual machine that recorded the error, and ensure that it does not restart.

  2. Determine whether a snapshot of the domain controller was recently used as a restore mechanism. If so, this is most probably the source of the error.

  3. Attempt to determine whether any changes originated from this domain controller and propagated to other domain controllers. If the event was a result of a snapshot or copy of a virtual machine being started, try to determine the time the USN rollback occurred. You can then check the replication partners of that domain controller to determine whether replication occurred since then.

    You can use the Repadmin tool to make this determination. For information about how to use Repadmin, see Monitoring and Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication Using Repadmin ( If you are not able to determine this yourself, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support ( for assistance.

  4. Forcefully demote the domain controller. This involves cleaning up the domain controller’s metadata and seizing the operations master (also known as flexible single master operations or FSMO) roles. For more information, see the “Recovering from USN rollback” section of article 875495 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (

  5. Delete all former VHD files for the domain controller.

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